All you need to know about Bleeding Gums

Gums are the prerequisite to healthy teeth says Dr. Ankur Gupta, Director at Gupta Dental Implant and Orthodontic Clinic.  The principal dentist, adept in the field of dentistry for over years, further answers beneficially the questions to people’s most persisting oral problems.[…]


My gums start to bleed when I brush. What does this mean?

Bleeding gums is the most typical dental problem called periodontitis. Commonly known as pyorrohoea.

How can pyorrohoea occur when I’m brushing my regularly?

Pyorrohoea may arise with minor food junk when gets accumulated between the teeth & gums causing gum inflammation and bleeding when touched.

But I regularly brush my teeth well then why me?

Usually our brush is unable to reach the area in between interdental areas (two teeth) and deep gum pockets (between teeth and gums) where bacteria start to grow.

What can be the remedy to cure pyorrohoea?

Usually descaling (professional cleaning) of the area involved is recommended so that the gums become healthy.

Is it true that cleaning the teeth is harmful and spoils them as I heard this from many people?

No. That’s a myth rather Teeth Cleaning (descaling) done at regular intervals help remove the harmful bacteria keeping the teeth and gums infection free.

In my lower teeth, I notice big bulky white coloured chalky stones which sometimes break while brushing. What are they?

That is tartar (calculus). It deposits mainly in lower front teeth and upper back teeth. They are colonies of bacteria along with salts like calcium, sodium, magnesium released in our saliva. They need to be immediately removed otherwise they slowly degrade the bone around the teeth and loosen them.

My wife is pregnant, she suddenly complained of bleeding gums. She never faced this problem earlier.

This is a condition called pregnancy gingivitis in which due to hormonal changes gums become inflamed and often bleed. Usually no treatment is required apart from regular brushing and cleaning and it mostly subsides after the birth of the child so nothing to worry.

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