May 17

The Plethora of Benefits That You Can Reap With Invisalign

If you are planning to go for an Invisalign braces treatment in Gurgaon sector 31 for yourself, you should be happy that it is one of the most contemporary improvements in the cosmetic dental area. It is the superlative solution for those who are not too keen about being burdened with metal braces on their […]

Mar 17

Myths and Facts about Orthodontics

Dental Braces are used to correct “bad bites” or malocclusion (teeth that are crowded or crooked). It is a very common treatment. Most of the people choose it to correct their teeth’s appearance. But there are many myths which are prevailing among people. Gupta Dental Implant & Orthodontic Centre, a well-known dental clinic in Gurugram […]

Sep 16

Why Kid’s Teeth Arrangement & Dental Health Be Evaluated Before The Age Of 7

We often think that kids don’t need to go to the dentist. But it’s important that the complete dental checkup and evaluation happens before the age of 7. This helps the dental expert understand about the jaw alignment, teeth stricture and the orthodontic treatment if needed. The treatment doesn’t start so early, but an evaluation […]

May 16

3 Primary Causes of Tooth Cavity You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Permanently damaged regions on the enamel of the teeth that later develop into holes or openings are known as cavities. They are a common dental problem and can affect people belonging to all age groups. If left untreated, they can lead to infection, severe toothache and even tooth loss. Cavities can be caused due to […]

Feb 16

Things You Should Know About Oral Hygiene

Tooth brushing is the first thing we all do when we wake up in the morning. But still it comes as a shock when your dentist tells that you have not maintained your oral hygiene well. So, everybody just starts wondering what went wrong? Brushing is very important to maintain oral hygiene but it is […]

Aug 15

All you need to know about Bleeding Gums

Gums are the prerequisite to healthy teeth says Dr. Ankur Gupta, Director at Gupta Dental Implant and Orthodontic Clinic.  The principal dentist, adept in the field of dentistry for over years, further answers beneficially the questions to people’s most persisting oral problems.[…]