Why Kid’s Teeth Arrangement & Dental Health Be Evaluated Before The Age Of 7

We often think that kids don’t need to go to the dentist. But it’s important that the complete dental checkup and evaluation happens before the age of 7. This helps the dental expert understand about the jaw alignment, teeth stricture and the orthodontic treatment if needed. The treatment doesn’t start so early, but an evaluation help the dentist to understand about what should be the approach and course of treatment that would be needed later.

What happens at 7 years of age?

At the age of 7 the molars have already started showing up so that the bite can be evaluated. The front and the back of the tooth can also be checked at this time. With the proper analysis and check ups the dentist will come to know that whether the child suffers from the bite problems like bad bite, big bite or cross bite. These are all the problems related with jaw alignment and you will see that often these can pose a problem in future. It is therefore vital that the parents take kids for the dental check up.

See the dentist when you find something fishy

If you think that there seems to be some problems with the dental or oral health of your child then you must talk to your doctor in that regards. This includes things like chewing problems, breathing with mouth, crowded teeth, thumb sucking, and loss of teeth before the age of 5, loss of teeth much later than the age of 5 years. 

Kids can have low self esteem due to improper teeth

Also, if you are not quite happy with the kind of teeth structure and teeth arrangement that your kids have then you should see the orthodontist. He can help your child to enhance the appearance of teeth, appearance of mouth and lips.  Kids who don’t have appropriate teeth arrangements often feel embarrassed! It’s therefore important to seek appointment of a reputed orthodontic expert who can help your kid with perfect dental correction to enhance the confidence levels in him.

Kids who have improper teeth may feel down because their face does not look symmetrical. So, it’s vital that the parents should take the right steps at the right time. This will ensure perfect look and feel. Correcting bite problems will help in taking the right steps now only rather than waiting for severe issues later on.

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