Knocked Out Tooth

Children are the gift of God. When they play or enjoy, they spread happiness everywhere. But with this carefree attitude, they are more prone to injuries too. Hell breaks out when they are injured. Most of the injuries in children are repairable, but if a front tooth knocks out, everything depends on the timely management of the treatment.

If the child is brought to a dentist within 2 hours, the tooth can be placed back otherwise there is no option left but to put an artificial tooth. Sometimes the availability of the dentist nearby is not there; in those cases we must follow these simple steps to save the natural tooth. 

What you should do when you lose a tooth?

  • Keep calm
  • Find the tooth and pick it up by the crown
  • Clean the mouth by rinsing with water
  • Map up any blood with a tissue
  • Hold the tooth by the crown only
  • If it is visibly dirty, get the person to lick it clean or pour water over it. Do not scrub the tooth.
  • Gently stick it back into position
  • Bite down on a handkerchief or tissue
  • If you are unable to reposition the tooth, put the tooth in milk and visit the dentist immediately.


Remember the earlier you visit a dentist, the better are the chances that the tooth can be retained. It is also very important that milk tooth should never be replanted as it can cause obstruction in the growth of permanent tooth.

What are the ways to do it?

The sad part is only 10 % of the tooth is successfully put back. You must rush to a dentist as early as possible. Some patients keep the tooth in normal water or milk at the time of emergency as it is readily available. However, one professionally available solution called HANK’s Solution is available that is meant to keep the tooth at such times. The solution can store the teeth for 24 hours. The chances to succeed are highest when the tooth is operated by a dentist within an hour from the accident. HANK’s Solution is available in the market and can be included in the home first aid kit for dental emergencies.

What’s the best way to do it?

Patient’s own Saliva is the best medium to protect the vital structure and tissues of the tooth which can help in healing and stabilizing the tooth in its socket in the mouth.

What happens when I visit the dentist during such an emergency?

When you visit the dentist with a knocked out tooth, he will place it back carefully in the socket where it got knocked out of and splint it with other teeth for some period of time. As the healing proceeds, the teeth gets firm and is ready for the bite. A revisit to the dentist is required to check the progress of the tooth healing.

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