Myths and Facts about Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures in today’s world of dentistry . However, it is also one of the most misunderstood dental treatment. Dental Technology in recent times has striven to create dental procedures that are more comfortable for the patients.Our dentist, Dr Ankita Gupta, explains the myths and facts about Root Canal Treatment in this article.

What is Root Canal Treatment or RCT ? Why do we need it?

RCT or Root Canal Treatment is the treatment of the roots of the tooth. Each tooth has a root in which small canals are present through which nerves and blood vessels pass. RCT includes cleaning the canals which have infected nerves and filling them with Inert Filling to prevent any further infection or decay.

Why and when do I need to get the Root Canal Treatment?

RCT is mostly required when there is extensive tooth decay that can lead to tooth loss. When we eat sugary food or something sticky that remains on our teeth for a long time, it leads to a growth of bacteria in our mouth which work to degrade the sticky food. In the process, the bacteria produces acid which causes decalcification of teeth. This decalcification is harmful for the teeth as it leads to degradation of the outer layer of the tooth creating cavities and active tooth decay. When this degradation reaches the inner layer of the tooth, it starts infecting the nerves in the root canal which is not visible to the naked eye and exhibits itself as strong pain in the tooth or sensitivity to temperature like hot or cold food items. If untreated, it leads to tooth loss and problems in carrying out everyday work.

Is RCT the treatment for all kinds of tooth decay or cavity?

No, when Cavities are detected in early stages, they can be repaired by cleaning and restoring that smaller portion of the tooth. This filling or restoration is an easier, simpler and painless procedure compared to RCT . This early detection is best possible only if the patient undergoes preventive dental check-up by a certified dentist regularly. On your regular visit, your dentist can detect any kind of decay and provide you the right treatment at the right time to save you from any discomfort.

Is Root Canal Treatment painful as it sounds?

Now a days with the advancement in dentistry technology, RCT has become almost a painless procedure. However, we provide Local Anaesthesia to minimise any discomfort.

What is Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment?

The faster Rotary Endodontic Tool and Apex Locators allows most of the Root Canal Treatment to be completed on a single visit to the dentist and hence this treatment is popularly called Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment . Single Sitting RCT helps the patient to avoid multiple visits as well as the psychological trauma and discomfort that is associated with the treatment. As the whole procedure is done in local Anaesthesia, there is no need for any fear of pain.

Can each Root Canal Treatment case be completed in a single sitting?

No, in cases where infection is more or there is sinus development or if the dentist feels the prognosis of the tooth is not good or guarded, the dentist can recommend a multiple sitting RCT. There are many factors that decide what treatment plan is appropriate and only a certified dentist is best equipped to decide the right treatment plan.

I just got my RCT done. Can i eat from the RCT treated tooth immediately?

Usually it is common to feel a slight tenderness for few days in the RCT treated tooth. Just to avoid this discomfort, your dentist may recommend you to avoid chewing from that side of the mouth for a short period.

Is the pain after Root Canal Treatment common?

The feeling of pain experienced varies from person to person. Some people do not feel any pain while some experience mild or severe pain. A mild discomfort is usually felt after the treatment and it is advisable to take anti-inflammatory medicine prescribed by your dentist.

Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

Dr Ankita and Dr Ankur have performed over 1000 RCTs over the years and frequently receive patients who have had unsatisfactory treatment and myths about RCT. You can contact Gupta Dental Implant and Orthodontic Centre or visit to learn more about Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon.

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