Myths and Facts about Orthodontics

Dental Braces are used to correct “bad bites” or malocclusion (teeth that are crowded or crooked). It is a very common treatment. Most of the people choose it to correct their teeth’s appearance. But there are many myths which are prevailing among people. Gupta Dental Implant & Orthodontic Centre, a well-known dental clinic in Gurugram Sector 31, have debunked some of the myths and facts about braces that most of the people have their in mind. Let’s discuss those myths and facts to clear out.

Myth – Braces are painful
Fact – Braces are no more painful now. New technology and soft wires are available and the discomfort is minimal.

Myth  – Extractions are a must for braces
Fact – Extractions requirements differs from person to person and can only be ascertained by a thorough diagnosis

Myth  – Friends will call me Metal Mouth
Fact – Tooth colored and lingual braces are esthetic solutions available today.Myths & facts about braces

Myth – Braces are only for kids
Fact – No. Advent of new technology and protocols also allow adults to get the treatment

Myth – Straightening teeth & Beautification can be done in 1 day
Fact – This statement is misleading for patients and often wrongly advertised by dentists who are not qualified Orthodontists. As one can’t get taller in a day. Similarly, teeth can’t be straightened in 1 day.

Myth – Braces make teeth loose
Fact – Braces position teeth in their appropriate positions in the jaw bone, thus making them structurally stronger and enabling better load bearing.

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