Instructions After Root Canal Treatment

Thanks for putting your trust at Dr Gupta’s Dental Implant and Orthodontic Centre for your Endodontic care. You will have some discomfort after your RCT, but it is transient due to body’s inflammatory response. It usually subsides after few days. Here are some helpful instructions to overcome such symptoms.

  • Because of the use of anesthesia you are likely to feel numbness that would eventually last for several hours post-treatment. It is advised not to chew or bite on lips during this period.
  • Experiencing discomfort or pain is also a common trait post RCT treatment. If the pain and irritation tend to last for days, you can follow the medicinal routine prescribed by the doctor accordingly.
  • Try chewing on the side opposite to the treated sections. It will minimize the pain and stress-levels on the treated tooth.
  • Contact our Office desk , in case there is
    • Severe pain or pressure for more than a few days
    • Any swelling internal or external to the treated tooth area
    • If Temporary Filling comes out.
    • If there is any allergic reaction to the medicines prescribed.
  • You can brush your teeth normally in the treated area
  • The last step of an RCT treatment is the placement of a permanent filling in the form of CROWN, Onlay on the tooth. This is supposed to protect the tooth from breaking or wearing off in future. You need to get your tooth permanently restored, So that your tooth lasts as long as your other natural teeth.