Metal-wired braces or clear Invisalign? If you are looking for an alternative to braces, you can’t go wrong with Invisalign. As a nearly invisible alternative to traditional braces, it’s no surprise that it’s grown rapidly in popularity. In this world, where appearance dares soo much attention, who does not want to look nice and flaunt their perfect smile? So, here are clear aligners which help in achieving the desired smile that you always wanted. In fact, the latest technology has made living with clear even easier than before. Clear aligners have quickly first preference for many people dominating traditional braces. Clear aligners in Gurgaon offer a comfortable, discreet way of achieving the smile you’ve always wanted without having to wear traditional braces. Alongside, there are several different types of Invisalign aligners which are as follows – 


  • Invisalign full


This is the most commonly used Invisalign aligner as compared to other types because it is used in extremely severe and complex cases where different aligners are used throughout the treatment. Also, these are cost-effective in terms of treatment as such cases might need a minor adjustment or cosmetic dentistry treatment. 


  • Invisalign lite 


As the name suggests, these Invisalign aligners are used in less complex cases than Invisalign full as it allows a maximum of 14 trays of aligners which significantly shortens the duration of treatment. This is a faster way of fixing your unstructured teeth in a cost-effective manner. 


  • Invisalign Express 


This type of Invisalign aligner is best suited for people with minimalistic orthodontic issues. In this treatment, a maximum of 8-10 trays of Invisalign aligners are required which shortens the duration of treatment and gives your faster results. 


  • Invisalign teen 


This treatment is for cases who are in their teenage or still developing the teeth structure. It is the perfect stage to correct any orthodontic issues as it can be easily moulded into a perfect smile with minimalistic efforts. It is an extremely flexible treatment option. 

Now, there is a vast variety of Invisalign aligners options for you to choose from and it is essential to consult the doctor prior to undergoing this treatment. The doctors hold expertise in this and provide your with the most suitable treatment for your teeth. 


So, this is all you need to know about all the different types of Invisalign aligners. Although it is extremely crucial and highly advisable to always consult your doctor during your treatment if you want to achieve your desired results. Consequently, keeping all the above-mentioned points in your head you cannot go wrong with this treatment.