In this world, where appearance dares soo much attention, who does not want to look nice and flaunt their perfect smile? So, here are clear aligners that help in achieving the desired smile that you always wanted. In fact, the latest technology has made living with clear even easier than before. Clear aligners in Gurgaon has quickly first preference for many people dominating traditional braces. Clear aligners offer a comfortable, discreet way of achieving the smile you’ve always wanted without having to wear traditional braces. It provides you with the utmost detailed care with minimal pain and discomfort. The following are some reasons to support how easily you can live and continue your daily routine with them – 

  • Wear duration 

According to the best aligners specialist in Gurgaon, the wear duration for clear aligners is much lesser as compared to regular metal braces. The overall period of time for clear aligners is 10-24 months whereas for metal braces it is up to 3 years.

  • Invisible 

When your dentist suggests a braces treatment the first thing that bothers you is the visibility of those metal wires over your teeth whenever you will eat or smile. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about this when it comes to clear aligners as they are transparent and invisible. It is hardly noticeable that you are wearing anything on your teeth at all. 

  • Detachable

Another advantage of clear aligners is that they can be detached and easily removed whenever you are eating so that food does not get stuck in between your teeth. This feature of clear aligners makes it so much more comfortable to wear. 

  • No restricted food 

The traditional metal braces restrict you from eating so much food because the bands can break or get stuck in between the wires but this is not the case with clear aligners. You can easily eat what you want without bothering about any metal wires or bands that are prone to breakage. 


So, these are all the advantages of clear aligners which make your daily living so much simpler as compared to traditional braces. Where braces are clearly visible on your teeth, can cause mild soreness when applied, limit the foods you can eat, and can cause cuts and ulcerations in your mouth, living with clear aligners can be much easier.