Most parents are blissfully ignorant of the fact that their infants do not need any dental care. This ignorance can lead to severe problems for their children in the future. Infants must receive adequate dental care right from the time teeth emerge which usually happens round 6 months.. Here is how to take care of your infant’s teeth.

Once teeth merge

You can start to clean teeth of your child by using a soft wet cloth. Two months after teeth have emerged you can use a very soft toothbrush with a tiny bit of toothpaste to gently brush the teeth. Brush your infant’s teeth twice in a day and take special care of the back molars. Use dental floss too. Dentists recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste to prevent dental cavities in children as they grow.

Dental checkup

Take your child to a dentist six month after the teeth have emerged and every two months thereafter. Your dentist can identify any signs of infection or cavities and if necessary dental sealants can be applied to prevent tooth decay. A check up will also help to know if teeth are growing in a crooked way and your dentist can advise on the use of braces for the child. At Gupta’s Dental Centre, find highly experienced paediatric dentist in Gurgaon for your kid’s dental treatment.

Children need regular dental checkups

Children must be given regular dental checks right from infancy. Dental checkups can help identify dental problems like crooked or misaligned teeth and proper treatment can result in perfect teeth. Chidren also learn the importance of oral hygiene and dental health and this will help them take care of their teeth right through to their old age.

Mouth cleaning a must

These days most people work in closed, air conditioned environments where bad breath is quite noticeable. Regular check will result in proper treatment and resolution of this issue. Your dentist in Gurgaon will advise you on following proper procedures to keep teeth clean and your mouth free of odor.

Preventive steps

Milk is the main and the sole diet for your infant. You may introduce solid foods at a later date. Milk is good for health but if it remains in the mouth it can be a basis for bacteria build up that can generate acids that eat away tooth enamel and cause cavities. It is always a good idea to wipe your baby’s mouth with a wet cloth after giving him milk or rinse his mouth with water after each feeding. Teeth will start emerging from 6 months of age to three years of age and this is when one has to be extra careful about dental checkups and proper care of infant’s teeth. Just as adults must clean their teeth after meals and before going to bed, it is essential to clean your baby’s teeth after feeding so as to remove traces of milk, fruit juice or any other particulate matter. Little infants are prone to sucking their fingers and putting all objects they find right into their mouths. Finger sucking can result in misaligned teeth formation and putting objects into their mouth can introduce toxic chemicals and bacteria. Parents have to stay on guard to prevent the infant from doing any such thing that could affect their growing teeth. Dr Ankur Gupta is one of the best kids dentist in Gurgaon, Schedule your consultation with Dr Ankur Gupta for effective dental treatments.