Usually in the country like ours, the importance of oral hygiene is not taught , because of which we have tendency to visit the Dentist only when we feel pain or severe hot and cold .

The idea behind this is scientific, so that we can catch any problem in its initial stages only.

Our teeth has 3 main layers
  • Outer- Enamel
  • Inner- Dentin
  • Innermost – Pulp ( contains nerves and blood vessels)

When any infection or caries is in Enamel only, we don t feel any pain or dicomfort, that is the stage when if any caries is there, it can be detected and restoration of the tooth outer layer can be done with minimum discomfort. If the caries reaches the Dentin, then we feel mild to moderate sensitivity to hot and cold things.

At this stage also the tooth can be repaired with different types of restorations and fillings

But at the third stage when infection reaches the pulp, then the person feels severe pain, and sensitivity.

At this stage only Root Canal treatment or the extraction of the tooth(in case the infection is large) in worst case scenario

Our Human Body is like machines which require constant check up and maintainance for proper and smooth functioning. So pls don’t ignore your Dental Health and plan your family dental health checkup now.

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