Instructions after Tooth Removal/Minor Surgery

After the extraction of a tooth:

Note that it is normal to experience some discomfort and swelling after the surgery.

The following instructions must be respected to promote healing.They can furthermore deem away the chances of having side-effects which hampers the recovery process.

Day of the Extraction/Minor Surgery

  • Keep biting on the gauge that is provided to you by your doctor firmly for at least 30-45 minutes. However in-case of continuous bleeding keep biting the gauze for an extra half an hour firmly. This will eventually stop the bleeding.
  • It is advisable not to spit or talk unnecessarily during this period. Keep swallowing everything inside as much as possible.
  • Numbness is a common thing to feel. It is a post-operative effect that will stay for 2-6 hours. So please do not chew, bite or touch the operated areas or the lips/cheeks/tongue.
  • Have some cold food or beverages such as ice cream and milkshakes after removing the gauze and take the medicines as prescribed.
  • Avoid aerated drinks and the use of straw for drinking beverages. This can dislodge the blood clot that forms in-between the tooth socket.
  • Take cold and soft diet like yoghurt, puddings, juices, rice , porridge etc for the following twenty-four hours post-surgery.
  • To mimimize swelling, ice-cubes are an effective remedy. Simply pack 3-4 cubes in a towel and apply it on the outer part of the cheek and the operated sections for 10-minutes. Keep following this process every consecutive hour for the next twelve hours.
  • Smoking and drinking should be avoided for atleast initial twenty-four hours Post-Extraction/Minor Surgery.

From the next day and until complete healing

  • You should do warm saline rinses from next day onwards, to keep the wound clean but be sure not to rinse vigorously.
  • Follow normal routines for brushing. However, be cautious while brushing over the operated sections.
  • Take all the prescribed medicines for the complete duration.
  • Stitches: Do not be alarmed if they begin coming out on their own 2-7 days following surgery. You need to return to the office 7-10 days after surgery to have them removed.
  • You may experience pronunciation difficulties and an increased amount of saliva. Everything should come back to normal within a week.
  • Bruising may appear on the skin. It will disappear after five to seven days.
  • You may have difficulty opening your mouth. It should come back to normal after four to five days.
  • IN case of any problem or query feel free to contact our office desk.