Instructions for orthodontic Treatment

Congratulations for your first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile! We work hard to provide you with the finest orthodontic care possible. In order to obtain the best results and finish treatment in a timely manner, you will have to make small adjustments in your lifestyle.


You MUST always keep your teeth clean! Brush your teeth after every meal and before bedtime, paying special attention to cleaning the gums and around the brackets. Special orthodontic brushes are available to clean more effectively around braces.

Eating Habits

You have to be careful about eating Crunchy and sticky food as it may break the braces or wire. And Excessive breakage means LONGER treatment time. So avoid Hard candy, Bubblegum ,Ice cubes, Nuts, Chewy caramels, taffy, hard pizza crusts, Corn on the cob (best to cut off the cob),Popcorn, Raw vegetables( cut them in small pieces), Pens, pencils, bottle caps or other objects.


When you first get your braces on or after the separators are inserted, or after you have the wires tightened, your teeth and inside lips and cheek may feel a little sore. This is normal and usually subsides after few days. You will be given some dental wax to put over the braces. After a week or so, you probably wont need it anymore. You can take a mild analgesic and can apply the prescribed ointment on the ulcers if there is any.


If any bracket or wire comes out or become loose, contact our office desk to schedule an appointment to fix it in time


Once the active phase of the treatment is over , you will be provided the retainers to stabilize the results. It can be fixed or removable or both depending on your case. The retainer should be worn ALL THE TIME for first 6 months, and in night time for next 6 months, except when eating or brushing your teeth. You may remove it as needed for speeches at school, or for some special occasion. But the more it is worn , more stable the results will be. You may experience difficulty in speaking until your tongue adjusts to the retainer. Reading out loud and talking more will help you adjust faster. Carefully brush your retainer with toothpaste every time you brush your teeth. When you remove your retainer, put it in your retainer case with fresh water.