Dr. Gupta's Dental Implant and Orthodontic Centre

Digital OPG in Gurgaon

OPG also known as 'Orthopantomogram' or 'panorex' is a panoramic scanning dental X Ray of the upper and lower jaw. It shows a three dimensional view of a half circle from ear to ear. OPGs are used by dentists to provide information on Impacted wisdom teeth, Periodontal bone loss, Finding the source of dental pain, Assessment for the placement of dental implants and Orthodontic assessment.

Only few clinics equipped with in house digital OPG, out of 1000 clinics, Dr. Gupta's Dental Centre is the top 10 to be approved and licenced by AERB to have in house OPG facility. We are offering one of the best digital OPG in Gurgaon at our clinic.

RVG Detectors

Dr. Gupta's Dental Implant and Orthodontic Centre is equipped with the latest RVG detector which is a major breakthrough in the digital x-rays procedure. Similar to digital photography, digital x-rays do not use conventional film. This helps us produce real time preview of the dental work and diagnosis of the patient’s mouth. These sensors are ergonomically designed to better fit the patient’s mouth and hence they are comfortable for the patients too.


Dental  X Ray in Gurgaon

We extensively use the RVG in our procedures as it gives an opportunity for the patient to understand the treatment and take better maintenance of their teeth. With 90% less emission, they are safer for the patients and produce better results. Our state-of-the-art facility in Gurgaon offers dental X-Ray procedure with world class RVG detectors.